Covid 19 Guidelines


Any communications with Jiving Juniors Dance School takes place via phone/message/email/website.

Drop offs/pick ups

Only one parent/guardian can drop/pick up the child. There will be a queue for drop/pick up and leave your child/children at the main door. Parents are requested not to enter the venue unless in the case of an emergency.

Classes tailored to avoid contact

Camps will run as a normal camp would, but there will be no jiving or other forms of dance that require a partner. The class will focus mainly on line dancing, followed by solo versions of waltz, quickstep and foxtrot adapted so that pupils can still learn without a partner. We will do art and craft, watch videos on projector and play all the usual games. Class sizes are also limited.

Online payments

To avoid exchanging cash where possible, parents will be asked to pay online via PayPal or Revolut. Please note that preterm payments are essential to secure your child’s class place.

Temperature checks

Children’s temperature will be checked when they arrive so they can be removed immediately if it is high. If any person is feeling unwell in any way, they should not come to class.

Hand sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer will be provided at each camp. We ask that each child brings their own hand sanitizer for personal use if they wish.


All children aged 9 and above must wear a face covering during class unless a doctors letter exempting your child from wearing one is provided to us. All other children are welcome to wear face-masks if they wish.

Social distancing

HSE guidelines will be followed. The use of hula hoops, cones, measure taped will ensure that the correct distance is observed. All equipment used will be plastic based and will be sanitized by staff before and after every class.

First aid

If a child requires a plaster or medical attention, a staff member will first ring a parent/guardian to notify the parent and ask the parent for permission to put on a plaster or provide assistance to the child etc. The staff member will wear gloves and a face-mask when attending to the child. Hand sanitizer will be used also and all precautions will be taken. If the parent wishes for a staff member not to assist the child, the child can out a plaster on themselves or clean up a cut with assistance from staff or else a parent can arrive to assist.


Outdoor activities are covered by Jiving Juniors insurance. We will run classes outdoors as much as is possible where weather and the venue allows.


All staff have engaged in team training and discussion about the running of camps,changes that will occur and how to work in the HSE guidelines. Our Staff will be trained in hand hygiene procedures and will remind children to follow same.


Anyone showing symptoms of Covid19 prior to or outside of class hours should notify Sandra and not attend class. This is for staff and class attendees. Sandra will complete an incident report and follow all HSE contact tracing guidelines

Safety Requirements

Children must comply with all safety requirements, hand washing and coughing etiquette. There will be a short discussion about the do’s and dont’s every morning when children come into camp.

Download PDF

Download our Covid 19 Camp Guidelines in PDF Format. Please note: the document will open in a new window. You can download or save on your device for future viewing. Any further questions you may have regarding our guidelines, you can email sandra on